When undertaking major works,          ................experience counts.................
DSCN0635The Concreters is an established and reputable company in Nth Qld with experience across all areas of civil, commercial, mining and industrial works. David McTaggart leads a team of professional staff bringing along many years of experience.  This experience provides the foundation through which all quality, safety and individual project specifications are met. 
As a minimum standard we will :
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  • Achieve high quality works inside the specifications and budget for all projects
  • Work with Principal Contractors and Site Construction Managers
  • Use equipment, resources and materials to the required standards
  • Demonstrate a commitment to site and organisational safety 
  • Demonstrate commitment to managing environmental impacts 
  • Employ qualified and experienced team members
  • Commitment to managing environmental impacts 
  • Guarantee all works to industry standards
  • Meet all agreed deadlines and time frames
  • Project manage individual jobs
The Concreters have completed projects from Rockhampton to the Torres Strait Islands and west to Cloncurry and can successfully meet your requirements and provide quality outcomes.  We work in partnership with organisations in order to ensure that all client specifications and requirements are met.